About Bourbon Coffee, RDB Branch

Bourbon Coffee, Rwanda, was established to present the finest Arabica Bourbon Coffees from Rwanda and the region. Bourbon opened its first café in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, in 2007.

This café created a showcase for Rwanda's primary export product - not only for the many visitors coming to Kigali but also for Rwanda's own community. For many Rwandan coffee farmers, Bourbon was the first opportunity to see their product served in a high-end café setting. Experiencing the world of specialty coffee has helped them to understand and make the transition to high-quality production methods. The goal for Rwanda is to stop their selling coffee (some of the finest coffee in the world) as a commodity-grade bulk product but rather as a unique specialty coffee with traceable identity.

In 2008 Bourbon opened its second store at the MTN Center in Kigali. This 5000-foot facility is equipped with a bakery, full kitchen, coffee roasting, and packing facility. There are separate seating areas that highlight the 5 coffee-growing regions of Rwanda, featuring typical artwork from each region. In addition, there is a conference room available for meetings and functions, equipped with the electronic whiteboard and high-speed Internet connection. This café and its sister store at the UTC center have surpassed all expectations. The third Kigali location, at the airport, opened in March 2009 with another store that opened there after in Kigali's tallest building-KCT in June 2011.

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