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Nyanza Rd, Nyanza, Southern Province, RW

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Wolfgang Christoph Schlicht

Wolfgang Christoph Schlicht

Mon 02 Apr, 2018

I visited the King'sPalace Museum on 16 March 2018. Having taken a bus from Kigali, I got off at the junction between the National Road and the town access road. Walking the way up to the museum, I met people telling me I was on the right way, but also recommending to take a motorbike ride. The first post of direction was at about 2 km from the road junction. After another 1.5 km, I reached the museum: A personal guide told me the history and answered my questions. I got an idea of life in precolonial Rwanda, and of the impact of colonialism. In the vicinity, there are also a National Art Gallery, and a Genocide Memorial.

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About King's Palace Museum

Nyanza, Southern Province, RW
Nyanza Rd
Based in Nyanza, 88 km south of Kigali City, this was the residence of King Mutara III Rudahigwa and the Royal Palace that was traditionally built. This Palace offers a detailed look into Rwandan traditional seat of their monarchy, it is an impressive museum, restored to its 19th century state and made entirely with traditional materials. Recently the Long-horned Traditional cows, known in Kinyarwanda as "Inyambo" were also introduced because of the fact that cows form an integral part of Rwandan Culture. On the neighboring hill of Mwima, one can also visit the burial grounds of King Mutara III and his wife Queen Rosalie Gicanda.

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