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About National Art Gallery

Located in Nyanza District about 85 km from Kigali City, this museum displays contemporary Rwandan artwork which testifies to the originality of Rwandan creativity while not overlooking either tradition or national history. The museum was originally built as a Palace for King Mutara III Rudahigwa but he passed away before occupying it.

We have now also joined the world, annually celebrating the International Council Organisation of Museums (ICOM) day in May which takes place at the National Art Gallery Rwesero Southern Province. The Art Gallery has brought in kids' studio with the theme “let it grow”. The Institute is collecting drawings around the world and so far we have Rwandan kids' drawings and are expecting more from, UK, Japan, Uganda and the Netherlands. These have filled some parts of the studio and still need to involve more kids for Rwandan children’s’ fun. The studio focuses on the ages between four and fifteen. The idea is to equip the kids with social, cultural and art skills, which all come through curiosity, creativity, inquisition and general knowledge from young ones.

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