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Mon 30 Apr, 2018


Dear Sir/ Madam
For the interest and the welfare of the community, we are organizing this International Conference and Festival for Educational awareness, Resources optimization and Cultural Entertainment (Event).
Kindly read the attached document, we are enclosed herewith the Invitation to you and your Nation
Please forward Our Invitation to them or provide email ids and contact numbers our office team will directly get in touch with them.
We are requesting you to co-operate for the same. We are looking forward your suitable reply in this regard.

With Warm Regards
Chairman cum Editor-in-Chief
M/s. World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center,
Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi
International Event Communication Address is:-
World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center
No.11A, 1st Floor, Aavani Street, Bharathi Nagar, Gerugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
PIN CODE: 600128
If anybody needs any sort of legal assistance please feel free to get in touch with us.
For details please contact us to the following email ids or to the whats app cell numbers
Whats app Mobile Numbers: +91 9445922210,
+91 9968441440

Dear Sir / Madam,
With immense pleasure, we genially invite you to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary, through an International Con-Fest (Conference and Festival) for Human Rights, Resources and Culture at Dr. T P Ganesan Auditorium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from 15th to 18th June 2018.
As our Special Guest, we look forward to your valuable thoughts on Human Rights and its implementation. This Event will also showcase cultural programs like dance and music in its various native forms.
The main objective of this Mission is to reach out to the world to foster good relationship and interaction between global official communities, women, children and common citizens’ under one roof. This event promises mutual bonding among the communities. This particular event is expected to get huge responses from the Elders, Youth, Women, Children and all citizens in general.
Suggested Topics to be covered in this event are given below:-
1. Role of National Youth Organizations towards better societies aiming for the World is one Family (Vasudhaiva kutumbakam).
2. Available resources for Human Development from academicians, employers, industrialists, bankers, legislators, judiciary, etc.
3. Legislator’s contributions to protect Human Rights
4. Women and Children Protection, Training, Motivation and Development programs
5. Role of the United Nations and its Organizations, Exchange of thoughts and knowledge
6. Modern Educational systems and suggested improvements, if any
7. Role of Print, Electronic, Cinema and Social Media in generating Human Rights Awareness.

We request you to inaugurate and address the programme. We also have invited several other dignitaries from around the Globe. They have shown their keen interest to participate in this great event.
This will be a grand festival event and a good place for everyone who has been lucky to get selected to participate in our various scheduled Programmes in the Auditorium. We have allotted two hours for every session.
As a whole, this event is a package of awareness creation and entertainment. That is why we see National and International Media also very actively waiting for this huge event.
Our organizing committee feels that you would be a great fit and this event would be an outstanding opportunity to share your opinions and thoughts to the future generations of Students and Youth Communities. We eagerly look forward to your letter of confirmation which will ensure that this grand extravaganza is a grand success.
We are looking forward to your cordial assistance to make a big difference in assisting and educating the entire community in our society. Further our team requests you to confirm your availability for various sessions so that we can make necessary arrangements and formalities to facilitate you and your team with suitable hospitality.
In this great occasion we will be pleased to Honor you and your team for your contribution, dedication and efforts to support us towards the Success of this Event. These will give us great pleasure and good impact to other delegates, special guests, students and youth communities to adopt your principles for the great success of our future World.
To create more awareness and reminders to the public, WHRC intends to release larger number of copies of the Special Edition. We look forward to your message and wish to be printed in this edition.
We hope you do the needful.
Thank you,
Chairman cum Editor –in- Chief WHRC
About us:
Recent Activities of World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center
The WHRC started in the year 2007 and have worked considerably towards achieving its goals to spread awareness among General Public by conducting various Conferences, Marathon rallies and Press Meetings. To keep up with its strong ideals with latest and updated information of all communities in the society, WHRC has written letters to the various Schools, Colleges, Government & Private Sector Institutions so as to organise various awareness Camps/ Seminars for educating the Students/ Citizens/ Voters to know their Fundamental Rights as has been guaranteed by their Constitution.
WHRC regularly publishes duly registered law journals titled World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center (WHRC) Report Regd. No. TNENG/2008/27643 (English) & Akila Ulaga Manitha Urimaikal Padhukappu Aanaiyam Report (Tamil) Regd. No. TNBIL/ 2007/ 22636 is having sole object to look into the Job of instilling in the general public, awareness about the available rights, promote Education, Culture and create knowledge about activities of various Human Rights authorities working around the World.
To educate them about their Lawful rights as has been enshrined in their Constitution and also in various acts promulgated by the legislators and various rulings passed by the Hon’ble Courts and other judicial forums in Our World. Through our volunteers we provide legal assistance to help other countries’ Citizens if facing any troubles and intimating same to the concern departments for necessary action and to provide better visiting experience in the Countries.
WHRC Law Journals carry news and articles relating to the rights of an individual as envisaged under their Constitution and the various articles on the Protection of Human Rights including Geneva Conventions and reporting of events across the World. WHRC has been voicing against all fundamental rights caused to any citizen or the violation of human rights. For espousing our whole sole effort to educate the Students and young communities to know how to use their precious human resources for their future and the Development of this World Community we are conducting this International Event.
WHRC Recent Activities covered and Published by Press Trust of India
And various leading Print and Electronic Media
Marathon held as part of promoting human rights awareness
Chennai, Dec 9, 2017 (PTI) A marathon was held here today as part of promoting awareness on human rights. ……………PTI SA APR APR
Headed by its Chairman cum Editor in Chief Dr. S K SAAMY World Human Rights Commission About 1,500 persons participated in the "Unity Run Marathon" on the eve of Universal decoration of Human Rights Day, celebrated on December 10 every year.
Mr.Vijesh K Garg, VSM, Deputy Director General, NCC Directorate, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Andaman, Senior Officials Anand Mohan IPS IG South Sector, K.V.K Sriram Senior Commandant High Court from CISF flagged off the event. Participants included those from NCC, NSS, Schools, College Students, General Public and World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center Staffs and Volunteers.
Click here the following links and Watch News & Videos Related to the recent Events by World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center:-
மனித உரிமைகளின் முக்கியத்துவம் குறித்து விழிப்புணர்வு ஏற்படுத்தும் நோக்கில் மாரத்தான்
உலக மனித உரிமை தினம் : சென்னையில் மாணவர்கள் பேரணி
100 % Voting: Car Rally Organised by Corporation & World Human Rights Commission
துணை தேர்தல் ஆணையரிடம் உலக மனித உரிமை ஆணையம் மற்றும் மீட்பு அமைப்பு மனு

Event Details
Theme: Educational Awareness and Cultural Programmes
Leaders and eminent Personalities, Bureaucrats, Academicians, Students, Celebrities and Common Citizens
Seating per session is 10000. Session timings are given below:
09:00hrs to 11:00hrs and 11:30hrs to 13:30hrs
Afternoon Sessions:
15:00hrs to 17:00hrs and 17:30hrs to 19:30hrs
Venue: Dr. T P Ganesan Auditorium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Date: 15th to 18th June 2018.
Seating: VVIPs Nos.1000, Platinum Nos.1500, Diamond Nos.2000, Gold Nos.2500 and Silver No.3000 (Total 10,000)
Expected Audience Per Day: 40000/-(Forty Thousand people) an average total around 160000(one lakhs sixty thousand).
Thank you and looking forward to meeting you!

Chairman cum Editor –in- Chief
M/s. World Human Rights Commission and Rescue Center
No.11A, 1st Floor, Aavani Street, Bharathi Nagar,
Gerugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India PIN CODE: 600128
General & Whats app Contact: +91 9445922210, +91 9968441440
For Registration

Note: WHRC intend to provide Internships and Training programs for students.
Promoting International Educational Tours as well as Cultural Tours for all communities
Such us students, Individuals, Corporate Sectors, Societies and NGOs
Tie-ups and Co-ordination with National and International Governments and GO’s
Import Legal training and Professional skill Developments to Law Graduates

Dr. Abel U. Udoh

Dr. Abel U. Udoh

Wed 23 May, 2018

Dear Chairman,
World Human Rights Commission,
Why is human right not equitably or something near to equitable application in different parts of the world, some people in certain regions of the world, almost facing extermination? Are such people not equally protected by the same laws that protects others?



Sun 24 Jun, 2018

Dear Sir,

On behalf of 2018 Organizing Committee of the Sub Sahara Africa Oil, Gas and Energy Infrastructure Summit, We cordially welcome His Excellence The President of Rwanda and Chairperson of The African Union(AU), PAUL KIGAME to attend this auspicious event themed “Preparing the Oil & Gas and Energy (Power) sectors for the future of Sub-Saharan Africa for sustainable development.” Under the patronage of The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Kenya and the support of multiple African Governments, multilateral economic blocks, international development agencies and professional organization, the summit is to be held at the Safari Park and Casino Hotel in Nairobi Kenya, from 10th to 12th October 2018.
Presently we have the endorsement of the following –
• Economic Community of West African States - ECOWAS
* Ministry of Petroleum – Nigeria
• Ministry of Mines & Energy – Kenya
• Ministry of Power & Infrastructure – Nigeria
• Ministry of Energy – Ghana
• Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development – Morocco
• Ministry of Energy/Petroleum – Uganda
• Ministry of Energy - Tanzania
• Ministry of Energy - Rwanda
Also we working on the endorsement from =
• Africa Union – AU
• East African Community – EAC
• European Union - EU
• Department for International Development - DFID
We are working on getting international financial institution on board too.
As the significant event for the now nascent and exponentially growing hydrocarbon and energy markets for Africa, the summit seeks to provide a collaborative knowledge sharing and business development platform for Oil, Gas and energy sector infrastructure developers and financiers as well as best practices stakeholders for energy infrastructural development for the sector.
We hope you fully take part in this event to benefit and contribute in the dissemination of best practice on investment development and growth of Oil and Gas and Energy resources in the greater Sub-Sahara Africa region as well as network in a critical pool of energy development financing and regulatory professional
We also wish you get an unforgettable experience in City under the Sun Nairobi- Kenya.
Please find the attached brochure for further details.
We are available for further clarification/face to face meeting if required.

Warm Regards

Oladeji Olawale
Mobile : +2348034129331

John c

John c

Fri 17 Aug, 2018

Your excellency i greet you sir, i was sent back to nigeria on reaching kingali for the past four months now is not easy for me to gather money together and travel back to dubai please sir administer mercy on my case
Your sincerly



Tue 11 Dec, 2018

Dear sir,

Hope this finds you well.

Some of your staff are using their offices to torture people. for example they closed down businesses for some people almost a year now without giving them any reason why they did so and up to now these business are still closed.

Over 90 people lost jobs due to that fracas, honestly how're these people surviving for all this period of time, their families are failing out, kids no longer study because of someone's personal interests.

We kindly request the president's office to intervene because its the only hope for the poor local people to get back to their jobs and be able to cater for their families.


Salem  Abdullah

Salem Abdullah

Tue 05 Mar, 2019

I need to contact with mr president office for idea small business can make in Rwanda thank you my phone number 008613116896905 small business can change the live for people to batter live

Muhindakazi betty

Muhindakazi betty

Thu 18 Apr, 2019

Nyakubakwa perezida wa repubulika Paul Kagame mbanje kubasuhuza.
Mugire amahoro n'amahirwe .Nitwa Muhindakazi Betty
ndabasababako mwamfasha ku kibazo cy'akarengane ndenganywamo n'abantu bakomeye muri iki gihugu banyanganyije isambu yose y'umuryango none ubu nkaba narabuze naho mba nabasabye no kubona no kubona akantu gato ko kubamo nabana banjye barakanyima, munyereye mwazampa umwanya nkaza kukibasobanurira.
mbashimiye igisubizo cyiza.
Telefoni yanjye Ni 0788 764 747

James akingeneye

James akingeneye

Sat 11 May, 2019

Dear sir,Madame
I am claiming that PDF and RDB as youth we re tired to share our unrecognized ideas just we want to close presidential office for help of digital visualization economy to Kinshasa.

Utsab oli

Utsab oli

Mon 12 Aug, 2019

Dear sir /madam
Rwanda is currently known world wide as the top most country to have women's involvement in politics and economical sector with a rate of 61.30 % which is a great matter of national pride. After the genocide in the year 1990, the county faced its darkest days but is again back up and is developing again. What were the actions/plans taken/made by the government to challenge those problems??? and what is the government planning to do to increase more women empowerment in the country???

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