Hot springs give a beautiful scenery in Rwanda and they are known for their healing waters. They lie at lie at the base of a limestone quarry as they bubble up into a large green pool.

Bugarama Hot Springs

The hot spring is situated slightly less than 60 kilometers from Cyangugu Town by road. The Bugarama hot spring lie at the base of a limestone quarry, 3 kilometers from the Cimerwa cement factory. The spring bubble up into a large green pool which is viewed from the road side.

Gisenyi Hot Spring

Gisenyi hot spring with several small vents is located along the eastern shore of Lake Kivu several kilometres south of Gisenyi Town and near the local brewery. This hot spring is brecciated and silicified quartzite within waters temperatures between 70 and 75°C.

Kinigi Hot springs

The hot spring is located in near Lake Kivu. The area has experienced traditional dancers and Rwandan drumming.

Nyakabuye Hot Springs

The Nyakanuye hot springs also known as Bugarama hot springs are situated about 60 km from Cyangugu by road and about 241km by road to Kigali City. The Hot Springs are located at the base of a limestone quarry a few km from the Cimerwa Cement Factory. at the start point of the trail, is a path that leads to a small well with very hot water. The temperature of the hot springs is high enough to boil eggs.

The local enjoy swimming in the warm water and drinking water from the hot springs as they believe that the water heals various ailments. The hot springs are the home of a very rare and beautiful species of water lilly known as Nymphaea Thermarum.

Nyamyumba Hot Spring

Located within 7 Kilometers from Rubavu Town, the hot spring is natural attraction with high tourism potential and widely known in the region for its multiple medicinal virtues. This hot springs enables one to relax while taking a swim in the heated waters of the adjacent Lake Kivu.