A heritage of dignity, the event to be hosted at San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel will attract Rwandan Diaspora in San Francisco and from neighbouring states.

President Paul Kagame is scheduled to grace the Rwanda culture event that will be held on 24th September in San Francisco, California U.S.

According to organisers, the Rwanda Cultural Day, the first of its kind, will be an opportunity to celebrate Rwanda’s unique culture and its role in transforming the country into one of the fastest growing economy in Africa.

Participants will learn about the values that unite Rwandans and the homegrown solutions inspired by Rwanda’s culture that have become an integral part of solving the country’s challenges ranging from justice and reconciliation, poverty reduction and accountable governance.

Activities at the event will include; plays, exhibitions and workshops showcasing Rwandan culture. The event is organized by Rwandan Embassy in United States in collaboration with government.

This year’s Rwanda Culture Day follows a series of Rwanda Day events that have been organized where thousands of Rwandans in the Diaspora meet President Kagame outside the country.

More than 33,000 Rwandans living abroad have attended Rwanda Day events since it was first organized in 2011.

The recent was held in Netherlands in October last year, attracting over 4000 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from across Europe.