The Directorate of immigration and emigration has announced that starting on 1st January 2018, citizens of all countries will be able to get a visa upon arrival in the country, without prior application. The visa will be valid for 30 days.

The system was already applicable to visitors from African countries, and a few others

In addition, the directorate announced that citizens from Comesa member states will be entitled to a 90-day visa on arrival, in accordance with the Comesa Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, Labour, Services, Right of Establishment and Resident. This also applies to people from the following countries, on reciprocal basis: Benin, the Central African Republic, Chad, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Haiti, Senegal, the Seychelles, Sao Tome & Principe, the DR Congo, EAC member states, Mauritius, the Philippines and Singapore.

Another new measure is that Rwandans who live abroad and have dual nationality will be allowed to use their Rwandan ID card and will no longer need a visa. Foreigners who live and work in Rwanda and who possess a valid residence permit with corresponding resident cards will also be able to use these documents on returning to the country, and can also use the electronic gates (automated passenger clearance system) at Kigali International Airport.

Source: Hope Magazine